Some of the exhibitions that will be on display

BATH by Colleen Phillips-Russell Be Still by Reve Jewellery Dancehall Queen by Dana Baugh
Dr. Jimmy Cliff CHILDREN by Hugh Wright Painted Face by Craig Phang Pregnant death by Imuzi Thompson
Natalee Samuels Liberation by Gavin Jordan Miss Jamaica Pain by Maia Chung
Sista by Reiko Nagase Supporter lll by Donnette Ingrid Zacca Private Retreat by Janiene Facey
 Diffusers by Wazari Johnson By Krystal Ball By Pam Hunt Bromfield
 Out my mind just in time by Olivia Osuek Portrait by Nicole Brown  Submission by Kay Ann Bookall
Majesty by Danielle Burke By Javier Dayes By Paul Blackwood
Tire Wheel Run by Damian Cunningham  One tooth Poppy by Andy Ballentine  From Mazola Wa Mwashighadi
 MAN WOMAN by Laura Facey By Alicia Thomas Umbrella series painted bottles by Shawn Ashman