Liguanea Art Festival. The Artbeat of Jamaica.


Tony and I have begun to adjust to and embrace the reality that this art festival has radically evolved into a vibrant residency and trusted ground for the discovery of authentic fine art and photography in Jamaica, the Caribbean and the Diaspora.  It has truly surpassed all our expectations!

As we welcome you this year, we want everyone to know that we take great pride in acknowledging that the LAF belongs to the artists and the public who have helped our dream to become a reality. We re-dedicate our passion for the arts and for the ongoing development of the visual arts and the artistic talents of our Jamaican artists. Our sponsors, friends and support team continue to believe in us and have travelled with us along this journey of success. The endorsement and marketing support from the Jamaica Tourist Board this year are additional cues that we are moving in the right direction!  Mere words can hardly express our sincere gratitude to all of you!

This year, more than 110 artists will be exhibiting at the festival!  The lineup includes some of the most celebrated artists who have traversed the Jamaican and international art landscape; traditional and emerging talents as well as many who yearn for real opportunities to expose their talent. This is the largest number ever!  To us, it sends a resounding message of great hope, optimism, loyalty and togetherness for the future development of the LAF brand.

The LAF’s profile continues to make its way into the hearts of artists, art lovers and enthusiasts beyond our shores, in the Caribbean and as far as the Jamaican Diaspora.  We use this forum to invite the powers that be to begin to think about the relationship of art and tourism in the enhancement of ‘brand Jamaica’.  The Liguanea Art Festival has a unique experience to offer.

It might not have escaped you that our 12th staging takes place in the 12th month of the year!  We plan to create something very special for everyone as we make the ringing-in of the festive season and the added trimmings and glitter of Christmas become a part of the ambience in the beautiful garden setting at the Liguanea Plaza.  The festival is never complete without the regular sprinkling of Jamaican food, music and entertainment – a real cultural experience in the making.

Please join us and let us all have a wonderful experience at Liguanea Art Festival, #theartbeatofjamaica.

—June and Tony Wong